Lisa Ullén Motståndorkestern Version 1 — Sekvenser och Lager

Motståndorkestern v1 'Sekvenser och Lager'
Disorder, 2018

Fresh from releasing the solo triple-CD ‘Piano Works‘, composer and pianist Lisa Ullén masterminds the rumbling new EP of Motståndsorkestern (The Resistance Orchestra), ‘Sekvenser och lager’. In four original compositions seething with restrained energy and melodic rage, the orchestra takes what is sometimes called contemporary music apart into an ensemble playing in which the collective will is resurrected through its total respect for individual contributions.

Lisa Ullén – piano & compositions
Elsa Bergman – bass
Vilhelm Bromander – bass
Emil Skogh – bass
Joe Williamson – bass
Henning Ullén – trumpet
Mats Äleklint – trombone
Anna Lund – drums
Christopher Cantillo – drums

Lira gillar
salt peanuts*

Upcoming Concerts with Motståndorkestern

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