Lisa Ullén, Nina de Heney, Okkyung Lee ‎– Look Right

Lisa Ullén, Nina de Heney, Okkyung Lee 'Look Right'
LJ, 2013

Underlying the choice of expanding their existing duo, Lisa Ullén-Nina de Heney duo, to a trio featuring cellist Okkyung Lee, was a desire to extend the musical spectrum covered in their first album. Okkyung Lee’s expressive and intensive playing blended as the most natural and organic element into the duo’s music. This is trio music par excellence.

The seven pieces on this album, just as there are seven days in a week, are each and one of them, seven distinct instant compositions : as obvious as lucid dreams.

The pianist and composer Lisa Ullén acts within the Swedish jazz/improvisation’s scene. She performs solo, as well as she performs in different groups like Lisa Ullén Quartet and in international collaborations, that have resulted in many tours in Europe and USA.

Nina de Heney, who studied with Miroslav Vitous at the New England Conservatory in Boston in1981-1983 and later on Academy of Music at the University of Gothenburg is, just as Lisa Ullén, an experienced free lance solo musician, in other groups and in inter artistic projects, like the one with the dancer Anna Westberg. She was 2012 awarded the SR price “Jazzkatten” as Musician of the year.

Currently based in Berlin, Okkyung Lee, cello, is one the most exciting profiles on the international experimental scene, known for her solo work as well as her extensive collaborations with the top names of the avant-garde.

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